2018 - 2009 Hands, photographs of patients and caregivers, Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (ongoing).

2012 -2010 The Food Series, The Treehouse, Santa Fe, NM

2011 The Gallery At The Screen, Santa Fe, NM, Coming Into Relationship.

2006 Terra Verte, Cooler Gallery, White River Junction, Vt

2004 Water and Food, James Hart Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2001 Soul On Her Head: the marketing of menopause, James Hart Gallery, Santa Fe

1999 Hands, mural for the new Transit Center, Santa Fe, NM (ongoing)

1993 Extinction Series, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon

1992 Extinction Series, LewAllen Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.

1991 Extinction Series, Baker University, Baldwin City, Kansas

1986 Center for Contemporary Photography, Tucson, Arizona

1983 Elkin’s Art Gallery, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia

Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe

1981 Light Tarot, Flavio Belli Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1980 CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, N.Y.

O’Keefe Center 20th Anniversary, Toronto

1979 Cinema Lumiere and Theatre 2nd Floor, Toronto

1978 and ‘76 Kitchen Center for Video and Music, NY

Owen’s Gallery, N.B., Canada 

A Space, Toronto, Ontario, Canada



2018 Word/Play, Northern NMCC, Espanola, NM

2017 Songs From the Extraction Zones, SFAI, Santa Fe, NM and Render Bender, CCA, Santa Fe, NM

2016 The Ecozoic Era: plant/seed/soil, State Capitol of NM, Santa Fe

2015 Axle Contemporary Indoors at Peters Projects, Santa Fe, NM

Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2014Poetics of Light, pinhole photography show, NM History Museum, Santa Fe, NM

2012Odes and Offerings, photo installation, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2011 Half Life: Patterns of Change, Santa Fe Art Institute, with Allan Comp.

2010 Meander, photo installation, Community Gallery, Sweeney Center, Santa Fe.

A Prayer for Juarez and West Mesa, installations, Gallery 1022 and a field in Albuquerque, NM

2009 group show, Community Gallery, Santa Fe, NM and Water Weaving Women, installation, Land Arts, Albuquerque, NM

2008 Water Planet, State Capitol of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM

2007- Weather Report: Art and Climate Change, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, CO. (exhibition and outdoor event)

2006: CAMP, outdoor installation and water ritual, Santa Fe, NM. TIME, outdoor installation, Silver City, NM

2005 The Food Show, mural, State Capitol of NM, Santa Fe; Peace Day, outdoor adobe installation, Rail Yard Park, Santa Fe, NM; BIRD 2005, Beijing Natural Cultural Center, China

2004 Unheard Voices, Some’ Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

2003 The Peace Show, Santa Fe, NM

Mark My Words: Text in Visual Art, Magnifico!, Albuquerque,  NM

Traces of the Journey, The Albuquerque Museum, NM

2002 Ravens in Winter, Guadalupe Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM

2001 Originals, National Museum for Women in the Arts, Harwood Museum

2000 New Mexico 2000, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, N.M. 

Photos, Pyramid Art Center Rochester, NY

Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

1999 To This I Came, Loyola College and Notre Dame, Baltimore, Maryland

Women Artists From the Land of Enchantment, Sponsored by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, LewAllen Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M.

1998 Vehicle, full bus wrap, PlanB, Santa Fe, N.M, Monothon, Site Santa Fe

1997 Photo Eye Gallery, Santa Fe, N.M

1996 New Mexico Photographers, The Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kyiv.
Blue Sky 20th, Portland, Oregon.

Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, N.M

Van Dyke Memorial Award, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, N.M.

1995 Photography Show, Eidolon, Santa Fe, Santa Fe Stages, Greer Garson.

1994 Pinhole Photography, Chastain Art Center, Atlanta, GA

New Mexican Artists in Mexico, Santa Fe Council for the Arts, Guadalajara, Mexico

1993 Paradise Lost, Camerawork, San Francisco, Ca.

1992 Artists Discover Columbus, Castillo Center, New York, N.Y.

1991 Pinhole Photography, A Gallery, San Francisco, Ca

1990 Flag, San Francisco Art Institute, Ca.

1989 Pinhole Photography, Saidye Bronfman Art Center, Montreal, Canada

1988 Poetics of Space, Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, N.M.

1987 Visions, Fine Arts Gallery, N.M. State Fairgrounds

1985 Alternatives, traveling exhibition, Midwestern states

1984 On the Wall/Off the Wall, CCA, Santa Fe, N.M.

1983 New Photographics, Central Washington University, Cheney Cowles, WA

New Holography, toured Europe, A Space, Toronto, Canada

1979 Station to Station, Metro Toronto Subway Stations, Canada

1978 Rolling Landscape, Subway Cars, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1977 -’74 various exhibits including U.S. Information Show, Photography as a Fine Art, toured Internationally.


2018 Equal Justice Residency, Santa Fe Art Institute, NM

2017 Fulcrum Fund Grant, collaborative projects: Downstream with Amy Pilling and Stand with the Confluence Collective

2014 Grant award from the Railyard Stewards for "Home Is.." Six month art installation, Santa Fe, NM

2013 ACEC Award : Project of the Year, public art, relief murals for the St Francis pedestrian underpass.

2007, ‘05, ‘03, ‘01 Residency (full fellowships) Vermont Studio Center, Johnson.

2005 Grant award, John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund, Cambridge MA

Consulting Artist /Engineering Projects, City of Santa Fe Arts Commission

Honorable Mention BIRD 2005 International Art Award, Beijing, China .

2004 Grant award Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ

2002 Full fellowship to the Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, CA

2002 Billboard, 2nd street and Gold, Albuquerque, Magnifico!, NMArts

Elliot Porter Award nomination, NM Council on Photography

2000 Purchase Only Initiative, N.M. Art

1999 Mural, Photographs of hands and text, Santa Fe Arts Commission, N.M.

1998 Vehicle, Full Bus Wrap, (photographs of feathers) Santa Fe, N.M.

1995 Marienthal Screenwriting Award, College of Santa Fe, N.M.

1992 Willard Van Dyke Award, N.M. Council on Photography

1986 Santa Fe City Streets, public art award, N.M.

1985 Nomination for a Dora Mavor Award (Canadian Equiv. Of a Tony), for outstanding costume design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1984 Purchase award, WA State Arts Commission.

1982 and’81 Holography awards, Fringe Research, Toronto, Canada

1981-’77 Artists Grants, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto.

1971 Levins Scholarship, Alfred School of Art and Design, N.Y.



2018 Mentor Training for Global Warming Express/ Global WE

2016 NM State delegate for Bernie Sanders, art coordinator for the Sanders Campaign NM

2013 Littleglobe training: community art and engagement practices.

2010-2004 ArtWorks! training, teaching artist, arts initiative (Lincoln Center for the Arts), Santa Fe, NM

2003 Photoshop, Santa Fe Community College

1995-’92 Moving Image Arts (film studies), College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, N.M.

1977 Cibachrome Printing, George Brown College, Toronto, Canada

1974–‘75 Visual Studies Workshop, graduate studies in photography, print making, book production, alternative photo processes, with Joan and Nathan Lyons, Rochester, New York

1972 BFA, with honors, Alfred School of Art and Design, painting, print-making and photography, with John Wood and Eric Renner, Alfred, New York


2016 – 1979 – curated various exhibitions and events, NM State Capitol, Center for Contemporary Arts, Toronto Metro, Railyard Park (Santa Fe, NM) and others

1997 Program Manager/Curator (visual arts and performance), The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe

1990- 1986 Visual Arts Coordinator/Curator, The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, N.M.

1977-’74 A Space, Toronto, Canada


2018- 2011 Rivers Run Through Us – walked the entire length of the Santa Fe River. We continue to create community engagement art events along the river. With poet Valerie Martinez and artist Dominique Mazeaud. Website: Ongoing.

2018- 2017 Wall of Love (ongoing)- community engagement project, created with 2 other artists and over 500 people from the Santa Fe community, 3 different Walls of Love, installed at the Santa Fe Railyard, the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, La Tienda and Capitol High School.

2017 Water Is Life Festival- created with Rulan Tangen and Alicia DaSilva- a public celebration of Water at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden and Downstream- a citizen science, community engagement project with Amy Pilling, the City and County of Santa Fe, BioCultura and the Santa Fe Art Institute.

2014 HOME:Earth Day at the Santa Fe Railyard, public art chalkboard installation, plus puppet build, procession and pagaent with Wise Fool NM, a community wide event. 

2012- 2010Watershed - Saint Francis Pedestrian Underpass, City of Santa Fe, original art and overall design cast into concrete, Santa Fe, NM (a public art project).

2013 – 2010 Pogeh – Water Place, researching the springs project with Dominique Mazeaud, collecting stories, marking and mapping the springs in Santa Fe, NM ongoing.

2009-2007 Bus Shelter Designs, City of Santa Fe, created designs to be sand blasted onto glass shelters, Santa Fe, NM

2007 Weather Report, 13th Tipping Point, collaborative community outdoor event on climate change, for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO.

2007- 2006 This Is What Peace Looks Like, four photo mural projects with Chrissie Orr and youth at Youth Shelters, Treatment Centers and Santa Fe Indian School – exhibited at The State Capitol of NM, the World Peace Conference and Southside Library. Then permanently installed at each Youth Shelter, etc. A Hands On Community Art project, Santa Fe, NM

2005- Peace Day, Community art at the Railyard Park, procession

2002- El Camino Real, Billboard/Migrations 2nd street and Gold, Albuquerque, NM (Magnifico! And NMArts)

1999- Hands- photographic mural for City of Santa Fe Transit Center

1998 Vehicle – Full bus wrap for City of Santa Fe bus (The Feather Bus)

1997 “Hands” black and white 16mm film (23mins), screened at The Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe and Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque. Accepted (1999) into the Angelciti Film Festival, screened in Santa Fe, N.M. and Los Angeles, Ca. (February 2000).

1981 - 1974 Director of the visual art aspects of the Hummer Sisters and Video Cabaret, as well as performing, singing, collaborating, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, London (England), NYC, and more.

1979 Scenic Painter TVO, Toronto, Canada

1978-’77 Art Director, Only Paper Today, Toronto, Canada

1973 Photographer, printer, Learning About Learning publications, San Antonio, Texas

1973-’72 Graphics Camera/photography, Suffolk Life Newspaper, Westhampton, N.Y.



 2018-2012 Rivers Run Through Us (see above, Public art)

2017 Welcome to the Waterhood Santa Fe Art Institute 140 and Water is Life Festival (see above)

2016 The Ecozoic Era, State Capitol of NM

2015 Re-Use-Appalooza - Re-Unity Recycling Event, Earth day, Santa Fe Railyard

HOME: Earth Day at the Santa Fe Railyard, Ignite! Project Director of Wise Fool community event, puppet making and spectacle.

2011 Lifesongs, with Little Globe and Santa Fe Opera, Design and Fabrication, Lensic Theatre, Santa Fe, NM

I Matter event with Wise Fool, community puppet making, parade and pageant.

2011 El Dia de los Muertos – Community Procession and altar, El Museo Cultural and the Santa Fe Railyard (coordination and creation).

Mapping the Santa Fe River, with Allan Comp, for the Santa Fe Art Institute.

2011, 2010 60 Water Weaving Women, collaboration with Dominique Mazeaud, and singer Aimee Conlee, river rituals for Santa Fe River Day, Santa Fe Watershed, NM

2010 May Day Event with Wise Fool, community puppet making, parade and pageant.

Flash Flood: community art event with Santa Fe Art Institute,, in the Santa Fe River

2009-2007 Bus Shelter Designs, City of Santa Fe, created designs to be sand blasted onto glass shelters, Santa Fe, NM

2009 60 Water Weaving Women, collaborative community event with Dominique Mazeaud and Elizabeth Wiseman and 40 women, for Land Arts, Open Space Center, Albuquerque, NM

2007 Weather Report, 13th Tipping Point, collaborative community outdoor event on climate change, BMOCA, Boulder, CO.

This Is What Peace Looks Like at The International Peace Conference, Beaming Bioneers Conference and Southside Library, Santa Fe, exhibited community photo murals

2005 Peace Day, curated outdoor art for the Railyard Park and procession

2008 –‘97 Water Planet, The Food Show, Biophila, events and exhibitions State Captitol of NM, Mutant Future, performances, Paramount, Santa Fe, NM, Recipe for Life/A Celebration of Healthy Food, Plaza, Santa Fe, NM, Salmon events for Wild Angels, NM, Animals of the Heart, exhibition, performances, New Mexico State Capitol, Governors Gallery, traveled to Sangre de Cristo Art and Conference Center, Pueblo Co. Winterlight at Guadalupe Fine Arts, Santa Fe, NM (outdoor spectacle) , A Celebration of Trees, New Mexico State Capitol Building, exhibitions, events and performances at the Center for Contemporary Arts from Feb through June


2018 Pollinators! Art and Science, Santa Fe Railyard

2017-2012 Rivers Run Through Us – workshops on water and the Santa Fe River, with Valerie Martinez and Dominique Mazaeud – along the Santa Fe River and at various universities, colleges, high schools, elementary schools and the public, Santa Fe, NM. Ongoing.

2013 Art, Nature and Community Engagement (slide talk and workshop), Fieldwork – Art and Social Practice, Portland State University, Oregon

Las Conchas Fire: slide talk at Cochiti Pueblo Community Center, Cochiti Pueblo, NM

2011 Santa Fe River workshop with T. Allan Comp and Chrissie Orr, Santa Fe Art Institute.

The Gospel of Art, studio classes, Santa Fe, NM

2010 Creativity for Peace camp, Palestinian and Israeli teenage girls, 3 hour workshop,
Valencia, NM

2010 Artworks! Mentor training for new visual arts Teaching artists.

2010 Art, Activism and Water, talk with Basia Irland, Sweeney Community Center, Santa Fe, NM

2009 Earth Art, (talk and workshop) for the Western Hardrock Watershed Team, Salida, Colorado

2007 and 2006 Summer camps, Girls Inc and Santa Fe City Youth Program- water and animals and art.

2007- 2006 -10 week workshops with Chrissie Orr at Su Vida and Otra Puerta (youth shelters), Santa Fe Indian School and Intermountain Youth Center, Santa Fe, NM

2004 The Cob Scouts, with Joel Sisson, EJ Martinez School, Santa Fe.
Art and Activism, slide talk, and screened film Hands, Otero Arts Council, Alamagordo, NM

2003 Dialogue Among Peers/ Art and Activism – slide talk with art writer/critic Lucy Lippard, CCA, Santa Fe, NM

2003 -2000 Various slide presentations, Santa Fe High School art classes, and Santa Fe Community College.

1999 panel discussion on women in contemporary art/ To This I Came, Loyola College, Baltimore, Maryland

1998 Grey Wolf, creativity (writing and image making) workshop, Austin, Texas

1996 Blue Sky Gallery, slide presentation, Portland, Oregon; Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, panel “Art and Digital Photography”, Portland, OR.

1996 – 1994 Slide talks, College of Santa Fe, photography department

1993 College of Santa Fe, Van Dyke printing

1988 SPE Regional Conference, slide presentation, Albuquerque, N.M.

Art Technics, Learning About Learning, San Antonio, Texas (and at King Ranch)

1981 Learning About Learning, photography, San Antonio, Texas

1981 and 1980 Ontario College of Art, photography/performance, Toronto, Canada

1978 Kitchen Center for Video and Music, video performance, New York, N.Y; Pumps (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

1977 Mt. Allison University, photography, books, and slide talk. Sackville, N.B., Canada

1976 A Space, video performance, Toronto, Canada

In 1974 Bobbe Besold was a founder of the Toronto based avant-garde performance group The Hummer Sisters and the touring company Video Cabaret. She performed with and directed the visual aspects of the company until 1980. She has continued to do occasional solo performances to the present.

2018-1973 Illustrations, photographs, posters and articles published in various magazines and books, most recently Poetics of Light, Public Art Review, Seed Broadcast, Local Flavor, Orion Magazine, A History of Pinhole Photography by Eric Renner, Turtle Island Alphabet and An African American Alphabet (Gerald Hausman) and the Ansel Adams Guide to Basic Photographic Techniques Book 2 (John P. Schaeffer), The Center for Creative Photography 25 year Catalogue, The Magazine, 1990 -’83 Magazine covers and posters
2000-’73 Artist’s books self published

NM History Museum (pinhole photography collection), The Center for Creative Photography (Tucson, AZ), The New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts (Santa Fe, NM) (Willard Van Dyke Award Collection and The Williams Collection), The Pinhole Resource Collection (New Mexico) in the Photo Archives at the NM History Museum, Graham Nash (California), New Mexico Arts, The Capitol Art Foundation (Santa Fe, NM) and numerous private collections.